About Us

About Us

The Costume Dept.

At The Costume Dept., we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of adult and child-sized costumes tailored for specific productions. Our inventory spans iconic shows such as CATS, Beauty and the Beast, Les Misérables, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Seussical, and The Wizard of Oz. In addition to these, we provide a comprehensive range of theme-based costumes, including animals, uniforms, historical attire, and character ensembles. The Costume Dept. also features unique, bespoke costumes like the Talking Trees for The Wizard of Oz, the Cheshire Cat for Alice In Wonderland, and various mascots and fantastical animals.

Over the past decade, Stage School Australia has made substantial investments in creating and acquiring high-quality production sets, specialised props, drapes, staging/rostra, and technical equipment. Our extensive collection ensures that your concerts, theatre productions, and school shows consistently achieve a visually stunning impact. Notable sets in our repertoire include Les Misérables, and Wicked sets, as well as the original The Addams Family set and costumes direct from the Broadway production. The Staging Department is committed to providing the tools and aesthetics necessary to bring your artistic vision to life on the stage.

Stage School Australia

Stage School Australia has been developing young people through the performing arts for 40 years, and have over 5,800 students enrolled each year across Melbourne and Brisbane.

With a friendly and supportive environment and a dedicated team of professionals, we develop natural abilities and foster a lifelong love of learning and creativity. Our extensively developed curriculum combines a mix of on-stage and off-stage rehearsals and performances.

We aim to foster self-confidence and public speaking skills in a group environment, as well as boost abilities through live performances.

We truly believe that the skills developed in the performing arts provide a solid platform for young people to take on the world.

For more information, visit www.stageschool.com.au!