From first look to fully costumed in 7 seamless steps...

Step 1

Explore our vibrant online gallery and kickstart your costume journey by filling out our Hire Enquiry Form. If you don’t find exactly what you’re envisioning, send us an email, and let’s discuss how we can help to bring your unique production to life.

Keep your finger on the pulse by following Stage School Australia’s latest productions on our social media channels, where we’re constantly adding new and exciting costumes to our collection.

Step 2

Ready to dive deeper? Schedule an appointment at our warehouse, typically set up 4 months prior to your performance. Bring along inspiration, a wish list, and student sizes to make the most of your visit. While we’re here to guide you, note that we don’t design productions. If you need extra design support, a service fee will apply.

Step 3

After your viewing, you will submit a Costume Request Form detailing required costumes, sizing and quantities.

While this doesn’t guarantee availability, timely submissions enhance the likelihood of securing your choices or finding suitable alternatives.

Step 4

Once you receive a detailed, itemised price estimate, you will need to sign a hire agreement, and confirm your order. Costume bookings are confirmed no earlier than 6 weeks before the hire period and depend on availability.

Step 5

After confirmation, you will receive an invoice no sooner than 6 weeks prior to your hire dates. You may be required to pay a 25% deposit at this time. Costumes are ready for collection once full payment is received.

Step 6

Our team meticulously packs your costumes into labeled suit-bags, ensuring a hassle-free pickup experience.

We encourage you to collect your order personally, allowing our team to address any queries, alternatives, or considerations.

Step 7

As the curtains close on your production, simply bag up the costumes and return them to the Costume Dept. Standard laundry and dry cleaning are included in your initial invoice, leaving you to revel in the glory of a successful show!